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As a woman who accidentally found herself becoming a fan in her twenties, I admit I always liked professional wrestling without realizing it. Here’s how to sell it. The fake drama Girls love manufactured drama for the same reason that everyone loves it — it gives us an excuse to get fired up without any of the consequences. Wrestling is much more than a male soap opera to you, but that doesn’t mean the theatrics aren’t on point. So don’t be afraid to lead with that. If she can get you into ” Scandal ,” you can get her into this. The real drama https: The rich history Wrestling as a form of entertainment has been around for over years. Before TV you could catch them in carnivals, which were not composed of just a bunch of dudes hanging out on a Monday night.

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In Loving Memory of Stu It was with a heavy heart that we had to say goodbye to one of our brothers. On March 6, , Stu Lazar passed away. Stu had three passions in life; the Mets, the Giants, and professional wrestling.

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If the canon author tries to do this to his own work, it’s called a Retcon , Re Vision , or otherwise some form of Continuity Porn. In general, fans treat “retcon” as a value-neutral term, whereas “fan wank” carries a connotation of being crap. That said, fan wank can still be enjoyable , especially if the author is clearly aware of how ridiculous the theory is , and some fan theories can even be adopted by the original work in the form of Ascended Fanon or a Shrug of God , which means no canon commitment either way and gives the fans room to work with.

The etymology of the word “wank” shows that it means “indulgence”, particularly extreme self-indulgence; from there, it passed into British slang for masturbation. Thus, “fan wank” refers to writers stroking their own egos by writing at length about things only they care about. The term was coined by Doctor Who fan and Doctor Who Expanded Universe writer Craig Hinton, who was no stranger to fan wank himself, and applied the term to his own work.

That said, some fandom circles also use “wank” to refer to a fan behaving like a wanker , such as Broken Base feuding and other gross displays of Fan Dumb.

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Well, a lot of things. Keep in mind, to wrestling fans people like Sasha Banks, Bayley and Charlotte are beautiful, talent women who are some of the best to perform their craft. Who cares what people think How does a guy watch the girl who is supposed to be totally devoted to him pawing away at a different guy even if it supposedly just acting? Yeah, that sounds like a lot of fun.

May 24,  · Any female Wrestling Fans Page 1 of 2 (1, 2): I was just wondering if there are any females wrestling fans. Or is it just a guy thing? I have been to a .

With Arkansas City having one of the winningest high school and kids club wrestling programs in the state of Kansas dating back to the ‘s, Arkansas City High School head coach Greg Buckbee is eager to see wrestling added at Cowley College. As far as wrestling goes some of the top high school programs in the state of Kansas and Oklahoma are located in a close radius to Arkansas City. Rittle said after carefully examining community interest, fiscal parameters, and available resources, introducing wrestling to the many exceptional and successful athletic programs at Cowley College was made clear.

Last, I would be remiss if the leadership and the thoroughness of our athletic director, Shane Larson , was not publically shared. His leadership to the success of Cowley College’s athletic programs was and will continue to be indispensable. Rittle for his support and help in getting a program started as well as the Cowley Board of Trustee’s for their belief in the benefit of starting wrestling,” Larson said.

Now the real work begins, it is always a difficult process getting a new program off the ground. The school will also start to prepare a schedule with the hope of having several home tournaments or duals so the local fans can come out and support the Tigers. Arkansas City High School athletic director Aaron Bucher said the addition of wrestling to Cowley athletics will provide another opportunity for ACHS athletes to pursue their academic and athletic careers locally. During the process to get the program approved Larson had dozens of letters and calls expressing support of Cowley starting a wrestling program.

Another important step in the process will be bringing local wrestling fans into the Tiger Booster Club.

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This is a print version of story Wrestling With Mom by scarelito from xHamster. Mom is 33 dad is 37 they have been married for 14 years just before I was born. Mom has brawn hear she is skinny to and very sportive I never looked at my mother in a dirty way and never had any thoughts about her. But my friends sometimes talk to each other about mom. One time I heard someone say she is a hot fuck.

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But in extreme heat — when the blown air is warmer than the body’s temperature — it will increase the heat stress placed on the body, potentially speeding the onset of heat exhaustion and other detrimental conditions. The EPA does, however, approve of using a fan if a window is open and it is cooler outside, or when the heat index in a closed room is lower.

As the metabolism slows down at night, one becomes more sensitive to temperature , and thus supposedly more prone to hypothermia. People who believe this theory think a fan operating in a closed room all night can lower temperature to the point of causing hypothermia. Fans do lower body temperature by increasing the convection around a person’s body so that heat flows into the air more easily, and by vaporization as perspiration evaporates from the body, but no scientific study indicates that this effect could cause hypothermia, unless the temperature is already very low.

Moreover, few people would keep a fan running in a room that is cold enough to induce hypothermia. Asphyxiation[ edit ] It is alleged that fans may cause asphyxiation by oxygen displacement and carbon dioxide intoxication. A typical example is this excerpt from the July 4, , edition of The Korea Herald , an English-language newspaper: A man reportedly died on Monday morning after sleeping with an electric fan running.

The year-old victim, only known by his surname Min, was found dead with the fan fixed directly at him. University of Miami researcher Larry Kalkstein says a misunderstanding in translation resulted in his accidental endorsement of the fan death theory, which he denies is a real phenomenon. If bodies are exposed to electric fans or air conditioners for too long, it causes [the] bodies to lose water and [causes] hypothermia.

If directly in contact with [air current from] a fan, this could lead to death from [an] increase of carbon dioxide saturation concentration and decrease of oxygen concentration.

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It was not until , however, that the Hardy brothers were given a full-time WWF contract. The Hardy Boyz used a cruiserweight, fast-paced high flying style in their matches, often leaping from great heights to do damage to their opponents and themselves in the process. Although Jeff was better known for his extreme moves, Hardy was a prodigious high-flier himself.

In , while feuding with Edge and Christian , the duo briefly picked up Michael Hayes as a manager. They soon dumped Hayes however, and joined the short lived stable The New Brood. After breaking away from Gangrel , Hardy and Jeff were briefly managed by Terri Runnels , after they won her services in the first ever tag team Ladder match.

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A group of stories that takes a look at the darker, seedier side of pro wrestling. Many of these stories involve sex, drugs, greed, jealousy and various other topics that have occurred behind the curtain. We simply retell these stories and scandals. WWE star John Cena has been rumored…speculated and even in some circumstances outed as having numerous affairs both while dating and married to his high school sweetheart Liz Huberdeau.

In , Cena was romantically linked to porn star Kendra Lust. That is, until Kendra herself spoke up… According to Kendra…not only did she not have an affair with Cena…she also stated that the two never even met. Kendra said that she was not the type of woman to ruin a marriage. Kendra…who in real life is a big wrestling fan…did however state that if the opportunity ever arose where Cena wanted to pursue a sexual relationship…she was all for it.

Varon was married at the time…but going through a trial separation.

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Check out Velvet Sky in action before she was a star here! April 17, — 3PW: May 15, — 3PW: Talia won three way over April Hunter and Psycho.. January 15, — 3PW:

Tune in to “The War Report,” a wrestling and relationships podcast. TagMeADate joins forces with the voice of Northeast Wrestling, Vince Berry, to put together the very latest wrestling podcast. Join Vince, along with Steve, Eric, Ryan, and Kat as they discuss the latest wrestling topics and updates on the site.

OSHA had come in and looked at the channel 5 studios and it sort of had something to do with wrestling, but they found that there were some safety concerns that had to be addressed. They still rate it as one of the best wrestling matches of all time. You don’t quit when you’re tired – you quit when the gorilla is tired. When I find out a man is interested in these sports, I drop him. As far as wrestling goes, as long as my body is able to withstand the physical beating, I will keep wrestling.

There’s no drama like wrestling. As they say, anything can happen in the World Wrestling Federation. Sometimes I have to stop and remind myself to enjoy my life and not just rush through.


Jacob Schmitt went a perfect at lbs to make the All-tournament team and a handful of others scored big wins en route to one and two loss records. Click more for a full recap and results. Click more for the full recap, records, and results. The Freestyle team finished 4th led by Davison freshman state champ Justin Oliver who was at lbs to make the All-Tournament team.

Click more to see all the Michigan results as well as the individual record of everyMichigan cadet who competed in freestyle. Competing against some of the best wrestlers in the south, Team Grappler finished 6th led by a performance from 2x State Finalist Mitch Rogaliner.

I’ve been fortunate enough to meet the woman that would later be my wife, and learn on the first date that she was a wrestling fan. I want the same thing for all single wrestling fans.

It is tradition within professional wrestling that wrestlers have their ring gear with them at virtually all times, as they truly never know when they will be called upon to perform. Being unprepared to do so is not an option. Gabby Ortiz, 22, is no different. Her job funds her wrestling habit. So she focused her efforts on acting and music.

But it was wrestling that incorporated all her artistic pursuits. As expected, Ortiz struggled with the physical aspect of professional wrestling, but her trainers were surprised by how well she could showcase her personality. With her, it was actually really natural. Ortiz was chosen, in part, because of her inexperience. The company she toured with, Stardom, wanted someone it could train from the ground up.

Martinez, who ran into his share of issues during the early days of his wrestling career, made sure Ortiz remained humble throughout the process. She came back just as humble, and as soon as she came back, she was back at training. This time, it was ring burn on her right knee.

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