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Pros Excellent build quality. Incredibly resonant, defined tones. Captures the vintage look and vibe. Cons UK distribution isn’t great at present. This smart retro-themed kit, built with custom care while remaining comparatively affordable, was an immediate hit. In the wake of its success the Missouri-based company has shifted its focus to include more off-the-shelf kits.

However, with so many years of history under its belt, accurately identifying the year of manufacture for a Ludwig drum is a daunting task for those unfamiliar with the company’s evolution. The lion’s share of vintage Ludwig drums available on the market hail from the .

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Rogers Holiday kit Vintage drums, legendary sounds: When we think of legendary American drums that the golden era of popular music was built on, one of the finest drum sets ever produced was this here ginger Rogers. Although this drum set started life in the catalogues and in the drum stores as a silver glass glitter wrap, time has matured it. The colour change is no indication of a poor quality finish; many drum sets from this era spent their days and more likely, nights in smoky bars and clubs and quite often, tobacco staining can be a factor of the colour change.

Some believe these to be the finest drums ever produced, and the sound, build quality and design would certainly lend well to this accolade. It was his son who, in the s, began producing drums.

Apr 29,  · Unless you have a ‘born date’ stamped in black inside the drum shell, it is difficult. A serial number will only give you an estimate. I have a pre birth dating dw kit with keller shells and after emailing dw, they could only estimate its date of manufacture as ‘early 90’s’. My other dw kit has ‘aug ‘ stamped inside the shells.

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I Will Write for You How to choose the best drumheads. A list of the finest drumheads ever made and my reasons for judgment Are there really 20 best drumheads aka drum heads? Hopefully this will help you when selecting drumheads at your drum shop. Trust your sales assistant—sales associate—because they see a lot of products come and go. If one of them is out of, say, a Remo Renaissance and recommends you try a Remo Suede, or maybe an Evans J1, then give it a shot.

Premier drums are serial numbered and branded “British Made” or “Made in England.” Because the manufacturer’s instruments date back to the s, finding a .

Used items from private sellers as well as new drums from business can be found on tens of thousands of listings daily. Brief History of eBay eBay. This small personal blog quickly grew and began charging for listings without any resistance. By January the site had served over 2 million auctions and changed its name to eBay in September of the same year.

A year later in September eBay went public and became a billion dollar company. Today eBay is a worldwide brand with hundreds of million registered users and 15, employees. Great deals on both new and used drum machines and electronic drums sets such as the Roland V can be found on eBay Drums. Steel Drums Steel drums have a rich history dating back to the French Revolution in Steel drums offer more tonality then traditional persuasion and have a bright sounds when struck by a mallet.

Conga Drums The conga which is actually called the tumbadora is a tall narrow style drum that is Cuban although being first derived from African drums made from hallowed logs. Drum Mics and Drumsticks eBay is also a great place to find cheap drum set accessories including drum mics and drum sticks, among other items. Top drum sets searched for on eBay Displayed below are the most popular drum set brands searched for on eBay.


It’s like two weeks before the tour and, as always, we’re down to the wire. I did ask my wife to help me with it, though, and she was a terrific help, as usual. She’s always been into amps and delay units and string gauges, and never lacks giving some sort of helpful advice. The conversation went something like this: It helps make the T. Electronics G Force sound great and really widens the T.

Phone: DRUMS () eForm: Customer Service. Drum Workshop, Inc. Attn: Customer Service Lunar Ct. Oxnard, CA USA +new. QR Wing Nuts +watch. Derrick Wright.

Loosen wingscrew at bottom of base section. Fold legs outward far enough to allow the clamp to contact memory lock. Mega Base provides larger footprint for increased stability with double-cymbal setups. Tighten wingscrew at top and bottom. Boom Arm Adjustments Section 2. This casting is also designed to allow the stand to be converted from a boom to a straight stand by positioning the angle of the arm so that it is vertical and then telescoping it through the casting and into the top of the upper tube section.

To adjust either one of the positioning adjustments, loosen the respective wingnut on the clamp, position the arm as desired and retighten the wingnut.

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Vintage Rogers Drums — Is my set valuable?? December 28, , Just dusting off an old set of Rogers drums I got as a kid, in approx.

Aug 23,  · DW makes some great looking drums, and a lot of them sound nice. But they seem like they’re meant for home or studio use. They just don’t seem to take kindly to road wear.

Like their less expensive Swingstar counterparts, these drums are made with poplar shells in a wrap finish and feature Accu-Tune bass drum hoops. These drums include Meinl HCS brass cymbals as standard equipment. Silverstar drums feature a more streamlined version of their Star-Cast tom mounts now done in chrome to match the hardware , new “Powercraft II” heads with a white resonant head for the bass drum, low-mass lugs, triple-flanged hoops, and a slideable tom holder, which is usually found on the more expensive Starclassic line.

Superstar Classic — Although originally discontinued, Tama has brought back the Superstar series to their lineup in The original Superstar and Superstar Excel were made up of Birch shells. Currently, the Superstar Classic series is made of all maple shells. Starclassic series[ edit ] The Starclassic series is one of Tama’s high-end line of drums.

A notable difference is that pre Japanese production Starclassics have their badges painted on the drum’s shell, while Chinese-made Starclassics feature badges fitted onto the shell with screws. Pre Japanese production Starclassics have a mix of paint-on and screw-on badges depending on the model. Performer Birch have metal badges while Starclassic Maple and Bubinga lines have decal badges.

All Starclassic series drums come with a more streamlined version of Tama’s Star-Cast mounting system made from aluminum, air-cushioned floor tom legs, “Hold Tight” washers which keeps the tension rods in place Starclassic Maple to Starclassic Bubinga Elite , die-cast hoops, and Evans drumheads as standard equipment. The drums are also available in a Hyper-Drive configuration, with individual snare drums also available.

Starclassic Maple — Drums made from 6 ply-maple shells 7 on bassdrums and come in a lacquer finish.

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Question for you DW Experts Quote: Originally Posted by imamonstertruck Hey all, I am new and actually, this is my first post to the Drummerworld forums. I am here because of this thread.

Over the decades DW became experts at the craft of drum manufacturing setting standards that others would follow. Currently DW continues to innovate and create Drums and Hardware lines to meet the needs of the most critical of pros to the beginner seeking a perfect tool to developed their skills.

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Henley attended Linden-Kildare High School where he initially played football, but due to his relatively small build his coach suggested that he quit, and he joined the high school band instead. He first played the trombone, then in the percussion section. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas.

GRAIN = TENSION = PITCH John Good (dw Sr. Executive Vice President) realized that grain orientation has a profound effect on a drum shell’s fundamental pitch.

Atlas brackets are now standard. Component drums are now available. Please call or email for available sizes. Contact us for a “best price” Keystonex price quote. Ludwig has over a century of drum-making and is considered a legacy of American craftsmanship, a tradition of excellence. The Ludwig Keystone series drums bridge the gap between innovation and history, Keystone drums add a sonic pallet to the Ludwig Sound with a modern shell designed for today’s high-volume drummer.

Formed in Ludwig’s original Radio- Frequency Shell Press, this strong yet thin dense 5 ply combination speaks loudly with quick, even decay providing excellent studio drums with fast decay and minimal ring. To add to the uniqueness of hybrid, a dual degree bearing edge is pulled to the center of the shell to seat perfectly into the head. Painted finises included painted interiors. Available at an undeniable value price, Keystonex Series is made under the same strict quality and structural standards as all Ludwig USA drums, putting a modern twist on a century of custom American drum making.

Vintage drums, legendary sounds: Rogers Holiday kit

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Dating ludwig drums 70’s timeline vintage drum company, dating it read this the ludwig drums. Serial number dating guides, three ply, introduced in general agreement when it was the ‘s were the serial.

Elektra Records decided to sign the band shortly thereafter, reissuing their debut in The band then began a string of hit releases throughout the decade— ‘s Shout at the Devil , ‘s Theatre of Pain , ‘s Girls, Girls, Girls , and ‘s Dr. Lee used several memorable gimmicks during his drum solos at concerts, such as having his entire kit revolving and spinning, or having the entire kit float above the crowd while he continued to play. He was legendary for mooning the crowd at nearly every show.

The band was known for their decadent behavior both on and offstage, often consuming excessive amounts of drugs, such as cocaine, heroin, pills and alcohol. Better Live Than Dead, the band’s first tour in six years. They finished the year at 8 on the Top Concert Money Earners list. With the popularity of rap metal , Lee formed a band called Methods of Mayhem.

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