Get Sizzling: A New Dating App From Oscar Mayer Finds You Partners Based On Bacon Preferences!

From Bumble and Hinge to Match and Tinder not to mention Raya for celebrity singles , these days there are tons of dating websites and apps apparently making it easier to meet someone new. But what if online matchmaking has left you jaded, or you just miss the feeling of meeting someone by chance and feeling that uncontrived spark? Has digital dating ruined offline love? Save this app for casual hook-ups or rebound flings only, because it really is commitment-phobe central. You can see their logic: Commitment seems conservative when someone better might come along and swipe right for you.

There Is Now a Dating App for Bacon Lovers

But, there are some hacks to cutting the line — one being to ask someone who’s already in to message the the app’s Concierge and recommend your friend. The League is catered to over-scheduled young professionals who “don’t have time to go on five bad dates a week, instead they want to go on one date with someone they have a pretty good chance of connecting with,” Amanda Bradford, CEO and Founder of The League tells Bustle. FWIW, I’ve done this twice and it’s worked both times.

According to Marie Cosnard, Happn’s Director of Trends, the app makes dating prospects in your busy city look more real, so it’s a way to get to know the people in your environment. Potential matches are unlimited and your feed updates as you move around your city. JK, that’s technically only important for Sizzl, the bacon dating app, though some could argue it’s important for all dating apps.

Oscar Mayer has come out with a new dating app which promises to pair up singles who love bacon, called Sizzl. Which is way better than their original name, “eHam-ony.” Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook is working on adding a “dislike” button to its website.

Sep 25, Sizzl “How do you feel about Canadian bacon boys? After spending 24 hours on Sizzl, Oscar Mayer’s new bacon dating app, we came across Sunny. According to his profile, he likes “Star Wars,” bacon, Netflix and to chill. If you make him laugh, he’ll make you a BLT. And if you and Sunny were on a date, and there was one piece of bacon left on the table, he would split it with you. The meat company is using a dater’s preference for bacon to measure compatibility. There are no questions about politics, if or when you want kids, or how you feel about the institution of marriage.

Meet Sizzl: the dating app for bacon lovers

The definitive guide to dating apps The Gentleman Categories: Lifestyle It has been six long years since location-based dating apps first launched. Let that sink in for a minute.

It’s a app designed exclusively for bacon lovers to help them meet their love match! Sizzl is offering lovers of cured pork the opportunity to find love in an environment free of vegetarians! It works just like any other dating site.

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We spent 24 hours on the bacon dating app Sizzl. This is what happened.

But how do brands or media companies get started and create a bot? Zenefits recently became the latest unicorn to face devaluation after compliance issues forced the CEO to resign. Publicly traded tech companies like Twitter weathered layoffs and stock sell-offs. Facebook wants to give advertisers an immersive way to reach people without making them leave the social network. So today it officially launched its ad Canvas for all advertisers. In fact, you are encouraged to work where you want in the world at whatever timing makes sense for you.

After all, Oscar Mayer has been responsible for digital marketing campaigns such as Sizzl, a dating app for bacon lovers, and a bacon-scented alarm clock called ‘Wake Up and Smell the Bacon’. The sizzling story behind Bacoin. Launched on 30th April (not April Fools’ Day), Bacoin is the brainchild of Keith Sizzle – a ‘Bacoin Architect.

By Amelia Hamilton Private. We approve account types maintained by users in music, acting, fashion, government, politics, religion, journalism, media, sports, business, and other key interest areas. Looking for love in the digital age is an odd thing. Where once couples used to be set up by friends and family or meet through church or in the normal course of things, now we are turning more and more to apps. But once someone decides to take the digital leap, which app should they use? Huggle shows you who goes to the same places that you do; Farmers Only is, well, just for farmers; and other sites like Jdate and Catholic Match are based on religion.

And, now, we have Blue.

15 Freaky Niche Dating Sites That Will Put You Off Finding Love On The Internet Forever

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Are you having trouble finding a partner who shares your same interests? Oscar Mayer is here to help. The company has created a dating app specially for bacon lovers.

Although most people tend to use the most popular of them, those who look for something peculiar will always find it. App developers keep coming with new mobile dating services aimed at various target groups. Along with classic dating apps for mixed audiences, there are niche apps for people with particular lifestyles, interests, or views. And they find their users. Here are some weird dating apps https: Hater People look for their soul mates. A soul mate is a person compatible with you, the one who shares a lot in common with you.

People get really close when they find out about common interests and tastes. This really unites them against that hated stuff. With that in mind, an app called Hater was created. Shared hatred — not bad.

We spent 24 hours on the bacon dating app Sizzl. This is what happened.

What dating app should I start out with? Do you know why I chose to answer this question? Because these days, it seems like a lot of people are making a gorgeous career of talking long-windedly about things they know absolutely nothing about. And you know what? That sounds like fun and I want to try it. Here are my credentials:

While the smartphone app is a tongue-in-cheek take on dating apps like Tinder, the Daily Dot notes that Sizzl is fully functional. dream interpretation dating a stranger how to hook up silver wired stereo headset.

These are usually things such as if the person is a smoker, does drugs or is a serial cheater. On the flip side, there are some qualities that people specifically look for in a partner, like if they are a family person, have similar tastes in music and of course, how much they love bacon. Allowing users to see what kind of fresh meat is out there, Oscar Mayer released a new dating app on Wednesday that allows users to see if sparks sizzle using bacon as an ice breaker.

Developed by a team at Kraft Foods, Inc. In case you were wondering if this was some tasteless joke, no, this really is a real and “incredible” dating app. With the launch of Sizzl, we’re thrilled to give our true bacon lovers the chance to find each other and potentially meet their soulmates, in life and in bacon. Users are asked a series of bacon-related questions to help determine suitable matches.

Questions include whether you are a pork, turkey or both, bacon lover, why you prefer one over the other pigs are cooler than turkeys , how you like your bacon cooked and whether you would split the last strip while on a date. When a potential bacon lover comes up, their profile photo is displayed bonus points for the guy who uploaded a photo with Kevin Bacon , their age and location, as well as a bio, what type of bacon lover they are, how they like their bacon and if they are a bacon taker, giver or splitter.

Instead of swiping left or right, users let the app know their level of interest in a potential partner by tapping on the “X” if they aren’t feeling the profile picture or by holding down the “Sizzl-meter,” the heart-shaped bacon strip icon. Tap the Sizzl-meter all the way to express that this person is heating you up or gently press if they are slightly sizzling.

The potential match is not told how you rated them. If you do give someone the “X” by accident or change your mind, you can shake your device to go back and reevaluate them.


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Sizzl, a Tinder-style app for iPhone, allows users to find and connect with fellow bacon lovers. Users can create a profile based on their bacon preferences – such .

Now Oscar Mayer is paving the way in the burgeoning cryptocurrency landscape by introducing Bacoin, the first-ever cryptocurrency backed by the gold standard of Oscar MayerBacon. Oscar Mayer is giving away a limited amount of Bacoin that fans can mine, track the value of and cash out for real packs of Oscar MayerBacon at OscarMayerBacoin. Similar to other cryptocurrencies, the value of Bacoin can be volatile. However, Bacoin stands out by the fact that Bacon lovers can boost value by spreading the news via Twitter and email on OscarMayerBacoin.

The more they share, the greater Bacoin is worth. When ready, Bacoin owners can select the best time to cash out and receive real packs of Oscar MayerBacon. Organic Net Sales decreased 1. Adjusted EPS increased 6. Organic Net Sales increased 3. Pricing was up 4. A globally trusted producer of delicious foods, The Kraft Heinz Company provides high quality, great taste and nutrition for all eating occasions whether at home, in restaurants or on the go.

The Kraft Heinz Company is dedicated to the sustainable health of our people, our planet and our Company. This article has been provided by a Chasing Markets contributor. All content submitted by this author represent their personal opinions, and should be considered as such for entertainment purpose only.

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Seems there’s a dating app for lots of different groups of people these days. You may have heard of the dating apps Christian Mingle, Tinder, J-Date, but have you heard of Sizzl, for bacon lovers.

A Bacon Maple Bar from Voodoo Doughnut , Portland, Oregon A bacon wrapped turkey just prior to cooking in a Kamado oven Barbecued bacon wrapped turkey Newer bacon creations have joined more traditional foods like the BLT , Cobb salad , clams casino , and club sandwich. Dishes include hard-boiled eggs coated in mayonnaise encased in bacon the “heart attack snack” [12] and Wendy’s ‘Baconator’ six strips of bacon on a half-pound cheeseburger.

Bacon food oddities include the bacon explosion “a barbecued meat brick composed of 2 pounds of bacon wrapped around 2 pounds of sausage” , [12] [14] chicken-fried bacon , bacon-infused vodka, [12] bacon ice cream , [15] and chocolate-covered bacon , all popularized over the internet. A bacon alarm clock that wakes people up with the smell of cooking bacon has been announced. Bacon has even been referred to as a fashion statement after a bacon bra was photographed.

There is a “clamoring” for the bacon happy hour at Bad Decisions bar in Fells Point which includes a menu that is completely redone with bacon dishes and big bowls of bacon served on the bar using up to 30 pounds of bacon in a two-hour period. The winner was bourbon-bacon ice cream.

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