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More specifically, the invention consists of developing a specific expression microarray of endometrial receptivity Endometrial Receptivity Array or ERA which allows evaluating the receptive state of a human endometrium, as well as assessing said state for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. More specifically, it consists of developing a specific expression nicroarray of endometrial receptivity Endometrial Receptivity Array or ERA which allows evaluating the receptive state of a human endometrium, as well as assessing said state for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Its function is to house the embryo, allowing its implantation and favoring the development of the placenta. This process requires a receptive endometrium capable of responding to the signals of the blastocyst, which is the stage of development of the embryo when it implants. Though there is no consensus as to the implantation period in humans, clinical studies suggest that this process takes place between days 20 and 24 of a normal ovulation cycle Wilcox at al. The evolution of our knowledge about the human endometrium contrasts with the lack of progress in developing new diagnostic methods for the dating and study thereof.


Ello siempre que las condiciones de su desarrollo in vitro sean las adecuadas y no supongan un deterioro de esta capacidad. Practicaron ICSI a ovocitos, de los cuales 81 alcanzaron el estadio de blastocisto, siendo transferidos 54 1 a 3 blastocistos por transferencia. Se produjo el nacimiento de 16 fetos vivos.

Concluyeron apoyando el desarrollo rutinario a bastocisto utilizando medios comerciales.

Results and Conclusion: Histopathologically, endometrium showed secretory phase- , proliferative (anovulatory cycles), tubercular endometritis-7 and endometrial hyperplasiaLuteal phase defect (LPD) was observed in 39 cases with glycogen deficiency (%).Thus, anovulatory endometrium, LPD and endometrial hyperplasia formed major etiology, whereas endometriosis and tuberculosis formed .

To review the literature for studying the mechanisms of influence of superovulation on the receptivity of the endometrium in vitro fertilization IVF , which is largely due not only to the quality of the embryo, but with the condition of the endometrium, its maturity and readiness for implantation. In the course of acquaintance with the publication presents the morphological characteristics of the endometrium in stimulated cycles.

Presents current views on endometrial receptivity and the molecular mechanisms regulation of implantation. The features of the expression of estrogen and progesterone receptors, as well as other markers of endometrial receptivity pinopodii, leukemia inhibitory factor, integrins in natural and stimulated cycles. Patients with a history of failure of implantation prior to IVF ART program is necessary to analyze all inducers affecting the endometrium, endometrial morphological landscape, E2 receptor expression and progesterone pinopodii, integrins, molecular and genetic aspects of the endometrium in stimulated cycles.

The analysis of numerous publications showing an adverse effect on superovulation endometrial receptivity in assisted reproduction programs. Undetermined noninvasive markers to assess the receptivity of the endometrium, including in stimulated cycles. Not evaluated linically significant endometrial threshold level of progesterone on the day of ovulation trigger and insufficiently studied the possible mechanisms of the effect of a premature increase of progesterone on the outcomes of IVF.

Therefore, further study and development of the best approaches for the prevention and correction of the negative impact of ovarian stimulation function on the endometrium in assisted reproduction programs. Keywords IVF; premature luteinization stimulated cycle; endometrial receptivity; receptors estradiol; progesterone receptors; integrins; pinopodii; leukemia inhibitory factor expression of Noja Full Text: Assisted reproductive technology in Europe, European Society of Human Reproduction and Embriology: London, United Kingdom, Jul 7—10 Altered endometrial development is detrimental to pregnancy success.

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Int J Biol Sci ; 11 How to cite this article: However, no studies have investigated any causality between androgen, androgen receptor AR expression, and adenosine monophosphate activated protein kinase AMPK activation in the endometrium under physiological and pathological conditions. In addition to its negative effects on endocrine activity and metabolism, PCOS has adverse impacts on female reproduction [ 1 , 3 ].

For example, women with PCOS generally have chronic anovulation, and their endometria tend to remain in a proliferative state due to the lack of counterbalance by progesterone [ 4 ].

Endometrial Pathology – authorSTREAM Presentation. Sampling of the Endometrium: Sampling of the Endometrium Office biopsy procedures (Pipelle, Vabra aspirator, Karman cannula) agree with a D&C performed in 95% of the time Office biopsy has a 16% false negative rate when the lesion is a polyp or cancer Patients with persistent PMB after a negative office biopsy should have D&C.

Original studies on endometrial transcriptomics in assisted reproductive medicine Most of these studies investigate the transcriptomic signature in the whole endometrial tissue without separating the different compartments. However, in some studies, laser capture micro-dissection has facilitated specific compartment gene expression profiles Yanaihara et al. Even the specific profiles for stromal cells and glands at different depths in the endometrium have been reported Gaide Chevronnay et al.

Several groups have used transcriptomics to search for the molecular diagnosis of the different phases of the human endometrium Carson et al. Based on data extracted from samples taken at different cycle phases, they identified seven main groups of genes with a similar expression pattern throughout the cycle. Each of these groups had an expression peak in one of the seven subphases menstrual, early-proliferative, mid-proliferative, late-proliferative, early-secretory, mid-secretory, and late-secretory.

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References Abstract Over the last decade, research to improve success rates in reproductive medicine has focused predominantly on the understanding and optimization of embryo quality. However, the emergence of personalized medicine in ovulation induction and embryology has shifted the focus to assessing the individual status of the endometrium. The endometrium is considered receptive during an individually defined period, the window of implantation WOI , when the mother permits a blastocyst to attach and implant.

This individual receptivity status can now be objectively diagnosed using the endometrial receptivity array ERA developed in The ERA, together with a computational algorithm, detects the unique transcriptomic signature of endometrial receptivity by analyzing differentially expressed genes and reliably predicting the WOI.

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This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License , which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. Abstract The impact of a premature elevation of serum progesterone level, the day of hCG administration in patients under controlled ovarian stimulation during IVF procedure, on human endometrial receptivity is still debated.

In the present study, we investigated the endometrial gene expression profile shifts during the prereceptive and receptive secretory stage in patients with normal and elevated serum progesterone level on the day of hCG administration in fifteen patients under stimulated cycles. Then, specific biomarkers of endometrial receptivity in these two groups of patients were tested. Endometrial biopsies were performed on oocyte retrieval day and on day 3 of embryo transfer, respectively, for each patient.

This was confirmed by the functional annotation of the differentially expressed genes as it showed downregulation of cell cycle-related genes.

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We investigated histological dating, αvβ3 integrin expression, and pinopod formation in 45 endometrial biopsy specimens obtained in 15 primary infertility patients. All patients underwent three endometrial biopsies in consecutive spontaneous cycles, regardless of the previous histological findings.

La diminuzione del pH favorisce la proliferazione dei batteri gram-negativi Due possibili quadri di patologia orale possono essere identificati nella donna in gravidanza: In particolare Prevotella intermedia ha un notevole incremento nelle donne in gravidanza Diversi studi hanno dimostrato le funzioni immunosoppressive degli ormoni durante la gravidanza. Ha generalmente una forma rotondeggiante raggiungendo anche il volume di una ciliegia. Per quanto riguarda la sua istogenesi si ritiene che il mesenchima del legamento alveolo-dentale sia il punto di partenza.

In passato si pensava che la forte incidenza della carie nella gravida fosse dovuta a sottrazione di sali minerali, costituenti importanti di smalto e dentina, da parte del feto per il suo necessario sviluppo. In sede di applicazione, a dosi terapeutiche, non provoca fenomeni irritativi locali. I vasocostrittori possono indurre direttamente contrazioni uterine e ipossia fetale mediante vasocostrizione dei vasi placentari con efficacia dose-dipendente.

Nella specie umana, indagini condotte per esposizioni prolungate e ripetute superiore alle nove ore alla settimana hanno evidenziato un aumento di aborti spontanei tra le mogli di dentisti e un aumento di anomalie congenite e aborti nelle assistenti alla poltrona; non esiste, comunque, dimostrazione che singole esposizioni inferiori a 30 minuti si associno a rischio significativo. Molto utile la presenza del ginecologo di fiducia, obbligatoria in caso di gravidanze a rischio.

Due sono inoltre gli elementi da considerare: Parti prematuri e patologia odontostomatologica:

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Discussion The present study demonstrated that LIF and LIF-R expression is significantly lower in the epithelial endometrial cells of infertile women, as compared with in fertile women. Furthermore, LIF-R expression may be impaired in the stromal cells of infertile women; however, this hypothesis requires further investigation in a larger sample size. A review of the literature revealed a discrepancy regarding the expression of LIF in the epithelial endometrial cells of infertile women.

Endometrial Ablation Endometrial ablation facts. Endometrial ablation is the surgical destruction of the lining tissues of the uterus. Endometrial ablation is one type of treatment for abnormal uterine bleeding that is due to a benign (non-cancer.

Medications used to treat luteal phase dysfunction include dopamine receptor agonists to treat elevated serum prolactin levels. Thyroid replacement treats hypothyroidism. Supplemental progesterone increases the lower levels in the luteal phase observed with this condition. Clomiphene citrate enhances follicular development and thus increases luteal-phase progesterone levels.

Human menopausal gonadotropins enhance follicular development and increase luteal-phase progesterone levels. Maintain a high level of clinical suspicion that such a condition exists when seeing a patient with infertility or recurrent pregnancy loss. References Complications Complications are associated with the endometrial biopsy. Be cautious when performing the biopsy to avoid perforating the uterus. Advise patients to take a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug NSAID prior to the procedure to alleviate uterine cramping.

No antibiotic prophylaxis is needed. References Prognosis The lack of double-blinded placebo-controlled studies prevents an accurate prognosis for this condition. A report by the Practice Committee of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine concluded that there is no significant evidence that LPD alone can cause infertility.

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(Noyes et al., ). Dating yields several methodological flaws proven yet to be more efficient than dating to estimate endometrial development. Dating accuracy can be improved by applying strict studies varied according to the timing of the endometrial biopsy (Table I).

More specifically, it comprises preparation of a specific endometrial receptivity expression microarray ERA or Endometrial Receptivity Array permitting evaluation of the receptive state of a human endometrium, together with assessment of the state of the endometrium having diagnostic and therapeutic objectives. More specifically, it involves the preparation of a microarray specific expression of endometrial receptivity ERA or Endometrial Receptivity Array to assess the receptive state of a human endometrium and to assess status of endometrium for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.

State of the art The endometrium is the mucosa lining the inside of the uterine cavity. Its function is to accommodate the embryo, allowing its implementation and promoting the development of Ia placenta. This process requires a receptive endometrium able to respond to signals blastocyst is the stage of development in which the embryo is implanted when. Human endometrium is a regulated hormonally tissue cyclically hormones Io prepared to achieve this state of receptivity are estradiol induces the cell and Ia progesterone proliferation is involved in the differentiation, causing a large number of profile changes endometrial gene expression reaching a receptive phenotype for a short period of time called “implantation window”.

Although there is no complete agreement on the period of implantation in humans, clinical studies suggest that this process takes place between 20 and 24 normal ovulatory cycle Wilcox et al.

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