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This post contains affiliate links. These bags are perfect for packaging! These festive jars are the perfect way to package them! This makes a very easy and very yummy gift for your neighbors. You just need some plastic spoons! Ok, maybe keep a few…

DIY Date Night Jar {Plus a Free Printable!}

Written by Annette Breedlove Annette has been married to her husband and best friend since Annette longs for the day when she will meet her 10 angel babies who have entered heaven before her. You can follow her crazy life at In All You Do where she blogs about homeschooling, homemaking and marriage while trying to maintain her sanity. She is also the owner of Thrifty Homeschoolers where she shares her tips on homeschooling without breaking the bank.

Laura is a writer, illustrator, and artist living in New York City. Everyone loves Mason jars. The sturdy glass jars with their airtight seals have been a favorite for making preserves, pickles.

Share this article Share Some of have the support of their family and friends while others choose to keep their news secret. He has no idea that she is carrying his baby. Megan, a nail technician, who resides in Orange County, California, found herself ‘with child’ after an alcohol-fueled night out – now she is searching for Mr Right Megan’s pregnancy was also unplanned. The nail technician, who resides in Orange County, California, found herself ‘with child’ after an alcohol-fueled night out.

While the father wants to be involved, Megan’s preference is to go it alone. Meanwhile Melissa invested time and money in trying for a baby.

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My son has been hard at work looking for a part time job this summer. To earn some cash for college. And when I say working hard I really mean his mother has been prodding and poking and pestering him to walk the streets handing out resumes, and submitting online applications to the big box retailers and grocery chains that require online submissions.

Colored Mason Jars, Blue Mason Jars, Mason Jar Lids, Ball Canning Jars, Mason Jar Crafts, Ball Jars, Vintage Mason Jars, Rustic Mason Jars, Glass Containers Find this Pin and more on Canadian crown jars/Ball jars by Abra Wilson-Miller.

One of our favorite summer activities is to pack up a picnic dinner and head to a local park for a concert or play. Portland has a wonderful program of concerts and plays in their parks each summer. There is usually something going on somewhere almost every night of the week! To go along with our Mason Jar theme this month I have put together a mason jar picnic. Packing your picnic is not only easy but it looks dang cute too. Clean up is a breeze also.

You can basically take any of your favorite picnic foods and just pack it up in a mason jar. You can use the mason jar as a serving piece or give everyone their own jar and eat right out of the jar. No need for plates. If you are going to eat out of the jar a wide mouth jar is a bit easier but the narrow one will work too. Of course a cute picnic basket and blanket is always nice too.

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This takes some planning and coordination. A long pencil can help with shuffling items around and getting them to fit. I designed some labels to print off and put on the jars. You can print these labels out, free of charge, if you would like to make your own jars. The first one is has the wording on the ovals and the second is blank so you can add whatever you want.

I think I made the images large enough that you should just be able to print them from clicking on the image.

Apr 22,  · RE: mom ‘s mason jar HI CRAIGC90, thanks for the information. i did a quick search yesterday, saw 1 listed for $ and it had a zinc lid on it. they indicated they didn’t know if .

The year-old actress told hosts Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan on their Live program on Monday that she had to urinate into a jar before heading to Hollywood’s Dolby Theater. The Parks And Recreation actress explained her stunning Roberto Cavalli gown was so tight it made visiting the bathroom impossible. Kristen Bell admitted on Monday night that she was forced to peed in a jar before this year’s Oscars because she couldn’t go to the bathroom wearing her designer dress She said: The year-old actress explained to host Michael Strahan on Live With Kelly and Michael on Monday night about her ordeal The Michigan-born movie star made her Oscar debut this year and she also made the mistake of not eating enough before the ceremony.

Bell explained that she didn’t realise how long the evening would be. Kristen looked stylish in her black coat and matching pumps Fan favourite: Kiristen received help to fund the film from her fans via Kickstarter ‘And then there’s always traffic, so that’s almost four hours,’ she added. No wonder the pizza got snapped up in seconds when it was dished out by stars like Brad Pitt.

Bell admitted that she made the mistake of not eating enough before the big night Famished film stars: Brad Pitt helps dish out pizza to his starving celebrity friends at this year’s Academy Awards Read more:

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Trust me, the possibilities are endless and delicious! Check out these mouthwatering recipes and even gift ideas! First on the list from At The Picket Fence , scrambled eggs and bacon in a mason jar!

Aug 30,  · Dating Old Canning Jars? Discussion in ‘The Homestead Kitchen – Recipes Etc’ started by DrakeMaiden, Aug 29, Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Next > Aug 29, DrakeMaiden Sourdough Slave. I noticed a lot of similar type jars for sale on e-bay but none of the sellers seems to know the date .

What if every fight with your significant other could be resolved, or at the very least stabilized, by a happy mediator? If that sounds too good to be true, don’t underestimate the power of a mason jar. Think of it as an in-case-of-emergency project to bust out in times of relationship distress. Whenever you and your partner have something sweet to say about one another , a fond memory you shared together, or a silly moment you want to remember, write it down on a piece of paper and put it in the jar.

Don’t open any of them until necessary. So if you two get into a fight or are going through a rough patch, you have a bank of reminders to lean on. Take turns reading each note aloud, and chances are that whatever problem you’re going through won’t seem as much of a problem anymore. It won’t make your issues go away, but it will emphasize what’s most important in your relationship, which is your love for each other.

Make it your annual tradition together and read your notes at the end of the year or on each anniversary, use it as a way to survive long distance , create individual ones to gift to each other, etc.

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Ball Bros was based in Muncie, Indiana. Glass jars with this embossed marking probably constitute the most popular jar for home canning ever produced in the United States. Hundreds of millions probably upwards of a billion or more! Hundreds of slight variations in shape, size, lettering font, glass color, base markings, etc. Typically, they were made in half pint, pint, quart, and half-gallon sizes. Ball Perfect Mason — Half Gallon and Quart sizes Most of the earlier versions were round cylindrical in shape, and some of the later types are square with rounded corners in design.

5. THE IMPROVED JAR BY HERO. This piece sports a unique glass liner just inside the metal lid. Prior to this detail, Hero users often com- plained about food going bad. VALUE: $ 6. SELF-SEALING JAR BY KERR. Released in , this item once boasted a rubber lid. (When heated, it would melt to create a seal.) Missing the topper cuts the price in half.

All week long, Kristen is sharing birthday tips and giveaways so be sure to check out her Party. There are some incredible ideas today for you to check out. When I was thinking of a fun and easy gift to give, I thought of cake, but making a big one can be such a big deal. BUT what about a cake in a jar?! I found my favorite mason jars on Amazon, made a quick little cake and filled 4 about a third of the way up.

I cooked it until a toothpick came back clean when it was placed in the middle. Then I let them cool, added my favorite buttercream frosting and added some sprinkles.

Ball Mason Jar Labels for Gifts

My daughter had a lot of with this step, but her hands got quite messy. These baby wipe are free of harsh chemicals and they work so well. In fact, they contain only two ingredients: I love that these wipes are both effective and durable without any of the potentially dangerous ingredients that may be found in competitor baby wipes.

DIY Snowman Mason Jar Luminary To finish the snowman, we used hot glue to attach a few googly eyes, the cone nose, and red ribbon scarf.

This MOM’S MASON JAR clear -glass pint fruit/ canning jar with a Ball porcelain-lined zinc cap is in good condition. One side of the jar is embossed with the wordsMom’s (embossed picture) MASON JAR.

For three 16 oz. To get the wax in chunks I just took a hammer to it. I smashed the wax until it was in sizes that would fit into my pot. I purchased and used a candle making pitcher. I let that reach a boil and I placed my pitcher in to create a double boiler. If you do not want to get a pitcher, I have seen this done online using another pot or even an old can.